Qualia's Flowers Closeup


To offer beautiful, sensory designs on scarves that drip with colour. The Qualia Series are impressionistic, psychedelic, and  hallucinatory. Scarves can be worn as head covers, around the neck, or as body-wraps.

Artist Bio

I started in traditional hospital-based medical illustration, using pen and ink and water colour. Then came many years of medical video production (including two years at Stanford University in the early 80's). My first film award was a CINE Golden Eagle in 1984. Dozens more followed. In 1997 I received a Graduate Diploma in Electronic Arts from the Australian National University. I've been using electronic paint systems since 1986.

Meet the Team


Russell Kightley


I work in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, as a scientific illustrator and fine artist. And I write science fiction, mainly time travel...

Stefania wearing Qualia's Parrots

Stefania Ferrario


Stefania is an internationally recognised model represented by top agencies around the world (Bella in Australia, and Models1 in London). Stefania is pictured wearing my Qualia's Parrots polyester scarf.

Next Steps...

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