Science Images

As well as fashion, I have a huge collection of scientific imagery. You can browse and buy from my site. You can also see my animations. The image at left is my world famous HIV image (it's been everywhere, including in a Hollywood movie).

Science Fiction Books

Time travel, alternate universes, and consciousness. SF to make you think. Yesterday Makers is my latest fiction, it's a novella about embedded universes and awareness. It's most important character, Qualia, inspired the Qualia Series of images:

"Far in a future, in a room of polished stone, Qualia Merlin stared at a shimmering portal. Her face was flushed by the gateway’s glow, and her back was straight, and her hands were lightly clasped in front. She was lithe, with golden skin and silver hair. And her eyes—the left one green, the right one blue—were fixed on the wavering time field. Behind her jewelled and steady gaze a fierce intelligence burned, waiting to grow, wanting to live—and wanting to breed."

Next Steps...

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